Certified Executive Coach | Facilitator | Mental Performance Coach

Guiding individuals and teams to improved focus and communications; so you can show up at the next level of engagement.

My education and experience with Sport & Performance Psychology, Learning & Development and Strategic Human Resources create a powerful combination.  I help clients to perform at a higher level and better align their values and efforts with personal and organizational goals.

I believe that personal and professional development happen through awareness, confidence and capacity; ultimately leading to the confidence and capacity to engage at a new level.

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My coaching clients are from all walks of life, and nearly every industry. They include authors, professors, CEO’s, and small business owners. Adding extensive work with middle managers and senior leaders in transition makes me uniquely qualified to build rapport and facilitate genuine growth.

During 18 years in organizational learning and development I have facilitated corporate off-sites, designed performance management programs, delivered leadership-training workshops, and launched strategic initiatives.

To date I’ve delivered over 14,000 hours of formal presentations and workshops as well as countless informal sessions. My experience includes emceeing for a national race series, and interviews on CNN, National Geographic the Discovery Channel, CBC and National Public Radio.


Credentials include:

Certified Executive Coach  (CEC)  GC Strategic Human Resources.
BA (Psych) | Graduate work in Sport & Performance Psychology.

I carry adult education certifications from HPTrainingWorks™ and Bob Pike Group Creative Training™.

I am a member of:

and a past member of:

  • Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG)
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)


“You have a unique ability to get me outside the noise, so I can focus.” 

True developmental coaching is a partnership and we will both invest significantly. People who work with me describe, “finding great insight” and “seeing the challenge from a whole new angle.

I believe in discovery and focus; in connecting ideas and finding alignment. My drive is to help enable your potential and grow your capacity.

It is important that what we learn finds a second creation in action; we will take the step to practical application. As Covey said, “To learn and not to do, is really not to learn.




Often the thing your group needs is focus and a guiding hand who can ensure the session keeps moving towards your desired end goals. I have outstanding success facilitating groups of every size through major initiatives including but not limited to:

Defining Core Values | Mapping Strategic Goals  

Bridging Strategy & Execution

Each step benefits from an attentive and practiced facilitator who will get everyone involved.

If you need a facilitator for a half-day or a multi day offsite, let’s connect and discuss how to move your group to some outstanding outcomes!


Presentation Coaching

As a Speaker Coach for TEDx and Learning & Development professional, I have worked on every manner of presentation. My experience with public speaking is broad and deep!

Regardless of the session you are preparing for – any length, any style – I can help you make the most of the opportunity to be heard. Speaking is a craft, and to be great means careful focus, attention and refining not only what you say, but how you say it. And some fun! Every great session has fun!

Most requested:

  •             Full Consult: Design to Delivery ~ 4 – 6 Weeks of Coaching
  •             Refinement / Rehearsal: 1 or 2 Sessions before Presenting
  •             Professional Development Workshop: 1 or 2 Day Options.


Keynote Speaking & Workshops

I have delivered over 1400 keynotes, workshops and seminars, and continue to deliver two or three days per month. Although I do deliver for colleges and continuing education departments, about half of my days are customized days with individual organizations.  Topics include:

  • Creating a Culture of Engagement
  • 5Choices for Extraordinary Productivity (FranklinCovey)©
  • Making Mentorship Work
  • Innovative Leaders
  • Assertive Communication Skills
  • Presenting your Best: Talk like TED
  • Role Clarity and Productivity
  • Being Proactive




Executive Coaching | Performance Development Coaching

Coaching provides the opportunity to go deep with a client. We typically get to engage in this relationship for months or more. You will bring the challenge(s) and I will bring the process. We will take a very honest and confidential look at where you are, where you want to get to and map out some milestones along the way.

“You were positive, persistent and did not pull any punches. Thank You.”
~ Robert Bateman.

Performing under pressure is a thread that runs through all the coaching I have done to date including mental performance coaching with athletes, presentation coaching of TEDx Speakers and coaching leaders to handle complex interpersonal challenges. Sometimes the pressure originates externally and sometimes internally. The client is seeking to resolve the situation with improved performance, yet they are stuck. They are seeking confidence in their direction and/or the development of themselves in order to achieve their own definition of success; ultimately to perform in the pressure.


Our first conversation is complimentary – let’s see if there’s a fit.